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The Leaner, Fitter &

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Business Man Project

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May 2020
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Dear overworked businessman,

If you are reading this letter, I suspect it is because you feel overwhelmed and trapped inside your current neglected body. The high demands of business and work have left you overworked, and you are at a stage where your health and fitness scares you. You have woken up to reality, knowing something must change and you feel motivated, well indeed desperate to fix it!

First up can I acknowledge your incredible effort of looking after your business and career.

But hands down. Now it is your turn to get back in control of your own health and well-being.

Quickly imagine.

How would it feel to be back in control of your health and fitness enjoying a better balance between work, rest and play?

To look and feel great in your skin again…to feel fit and fresh!

To lose some body fat…to gain back some of that lost fitness from your younger days.

To finally make nutrition work for you and actually enjoy feeling healthy.

To show up again as a stronger, leaner, fitter and more body-confident man!


You know after having worked with business professionals like yourself and being one myself, I believe you know what it takes to make this work. 

It’s not that you don’t realize that eating a healthier diet is most likely solving a lot of your health issues and doing regular fitness and strength training is good for longevity and a vital life as well. It is about doing it consistently, making it sustainable, that is the real problem most of us face these days.

Believe me, you are not alone. That is the reality of most of us. You might like to convert to a more plant-based diet or at least find the balance for you. And I can help!

So many high performing businessmen and entrepreneurs feel stuck, frustrated, and totally overwhelmed when it comes to eating healthy, losing weight, and keeping it off and committing to a fitter and healthier life. 

They cover up what is really wrong by diving into quick fixes, like the latest diet plans or magic fitness fads that are promising results but no substance. We all know you get what you pay for. And yet we look for cheap and easy fixes to one of our biggest problems – our weight, health, and fitness. Crazy!

You are about to be faced with a decision 
and one that could change the rest of your life for good.
Keep reading.

I too have found myself in a similar situation where my career drive left me blind to look after my own health and well-being. It was not until I accidentally found a new passion for endurance sports that turned my attention to a more balanced and fitter lifestyle. It helped me to get out of a one-way street that would have otherwise led me to a frustrating and depressive life.  

You know, as professionals we are expected to always give a 100%. Hard work, going the extra mile, spending long hours in the office, sacrifice sleep. We are thought that this is how work life is supposed to be.

We are led to believe we should work more. It has become the norm. With all those commitments and sacrifices we have somewhere along the road become lost in the lie that life is a compromise and we just need to suck it up and get on with things.

Is that how we should live our lives?

Truth is, we cannot outperform our bodies and our health. Nature and evolution are too smart. Somehow, we have just separated ourselves too much from the natural way humans are supposed to move, eat, and live.

That is why I want to help you to become more connected with your body again. Become fit and healthy and thrive in life!
You have 2 options.

Option 1 – The least path of resistance. You can simply carry on as you are. Cover it up and continue. You can hope that things will get better on their own, but let’s be brutally honest here with you. Unless you change, nothing really will change at all.

Or, you can jump into option 2.

Option 2 will teach you how to take back control. It will help to finally unlock your health and fitness for good.
This second option is a rebuild; to create a rejuvenated version of yourself that can truly show up in the way you wish in all areas of your life! Your personal deep health and fitness project. Maybe your most important project to date.

It will help you to address the root cause of why you have struggled with your weight, health, and fitness most of your life.

If you are tired of those quick fixes that never work…
If you have tried some of the promising fitness programs…
Even hired a personal trainer…
… but nothing has worked. 

Let's face it. Your problems are not going to go away doing more of the same!

Trust me, I was in the same boat. I felt trapped not living the life I should. Pleasing others and putting my own self-care behind. I broke out of this and found a new passion. Going from an unfit business professional to a highly competitive Ironman athlete who thrives on a plant-based lifestyle.

Was it an easy path?
Damn no, it wasn’t.
Was it worth it? A 100%.

It has allowed me to not only find new limits in my fitness and take my health to an absolutely new level but inspire and help others along the way too. This has become my passion and I am fully committed to helping others experience the same. 

For you too, I suspect your health, fitness, and weight issues run deeper than just needing a fitness plan to follow or a diet to stick to. The risk of falling back to old habits or getting distracted and losing focus is a problem we all face. Knowing where to start, what actions to take, and seeing it all through can make the difference.

If that is the case, I am sure I can help you.

That is why I created G-Fitness and the Deep Health and Fitness Rebuild program. It includes:

  • A whole plant-based food-centric habit-based nutrition program
  • Skilling up to master nutrition and fitness for good
  • Smart workouts designed to fit your schedule
  • Rest, Recovery, Mindfulness and Relaxation techniques
  • Daily action planning
  • Metrics, Assessments, Weekly Check-Ins, and Progress tracking

And most importantly, an accountability coach that guides you through this 12-week immersive health and fitness rebuild to keep you on track. 
I started out as a personal trainer several years ago after my passion for endurance sports lead me to my other passion for helping people with fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle change.

But long before I was into IT Consulting and working internationally for lucrative companies. In my early thirties, I then discovered my passion for endurance sports, athletics, and a plant-based lifestyle. Fast forward I have completed multiple Ironman triathlons, always at a very competitive level, fully committed to becoming a better overall athlete.

After spending thousands of euros on upgrading my fitness and nutrition qualifications, learning about the psychology of behavior change, mindset control, and self-sabotage and why most people can’t seem to break free from their current habits and patterns of thinking around diet and nutrition and what to do instead.

That was the reason why I started G-Fitness to use that knowledge and skills to create a program to help business professionals in similar situations like myself. 

My program is simple and individualized to your needs and wants.

It has to be. You are busy and already overwhelmed so the last thing you need is a complicated and difficult path ahead. 
Most people feel pressured when they start a new program or feel like they must give up too many things at once. 
Self-doubts, finding the time for it and in the end a lack of motivation. 

This program teaches you to recognize what you need most. 

And most people need some form of accountability to help them finally priorities themselves enough to get their weight, health, and fitness sorted once and for all. 
The key is to be more consistent and committed to your own priorities without sacrificing too many things and still have fun along the way.

Once you have completed the 12 weeks, you will see that maintaining the results you attain will feel effortless since you have gained so many new skills and build up a new confidence level.

Together with me as your guide, you will create new healthy habits that will last. It is so much simpler than you think.
This is your option. If you want to really turn your health and fitness around for good and create the backbone for longevity, to thrive as you age and have a big smile every time you look in the mirror, this is it.

If you resonate with my message, I am looking forward to work with committed business professionals.

To see if you qualify for the program, just click the link below.

You can be certain that I am fully committed to work with you.

But I do need your commitment also. 

Andy is just a breath of fresh air, I feel terrific and full of confidence. It has just been an awesome experience working with him!

  • Ben, Entrepreneur, Business Owner
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