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Let me introduce you to
For the overwhelmed business professional man
12-Week Body-Confident Business Man Project

For a stronger, leaner, fitter and healthier new You

"This program isn't just another thing to cram into your schedule"
This immersive 12-week program will show you how to design powerful habits, and your coach helps you ACTUALLY DO THEM. It will help you to calmly perform at your best AND support in sustaining them. This is a deep dive into actually changing how you feel and perform.

Habit based nutrition coaching

The program is based on a curriculum where I teach you nutrition skills and practices to get control of your eating step by step. Eating more plant-based centric, learning about basic concepts of macronutrients, about energy control, how to plan your meals, how to design well-balanced meal plates, or how simple but very effective changes in your eating behaviors can lead to great outcomes. No meal plans, no dieting, no restrictive eating - An approach to nutrition you have probably never seen before. 

Smart and highly effective Workouts

Whether you start from 0 or you have already a sort of fitness routine in place. I show you how simple and effective workouts can take your fitness to a new level. No matter if you prefer to work out in a gym, or at home or even when you are on a business trip. You will get something for every situation and scenario. It must fit into your schedule and lifestyle. Fun and variety is the key. Challenging but very rewarding. You will be surprised how simple exercise can be.

Rest, Recovery, Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques

A key component to finding a better balance of body and mind is to put the focus on yourself. Self-care practices, such as simple breathing or meditation exercises that don't take much time can make a huge difference. Learn how to balance training with adequate recovery, how to make sleep a priority, and learn why it plays such an important role in stress management and weight loss. Education and actionable tasks will help you become a master of self-care and recovery. 

Daily Action Planning

Repeatable actions done over a long period of time will bring you success. Maybe one of the  most important things when it comes to change. I help you plan and prioritize daily actions you can do repeatable until they become habits. See everything we do should be geared toward consistency over a long period of time. That will bring the change we aspire. Starting simple and building up in complexity. 

Outcome based driven

Planning actions is one thing but actually doing them and tracking them is another. We use metrics and regular assessments to see how you are progressing. Outcome-based decision making. We don't leave a stone unturned. Seeing change happening and actually being able to validate is great. It keeps you on track and motivated. My task as I coach is to help you navigate.

Accountability App

Easy access to your resources and coaching tools, your daily actions, education materials and training plans. Via an easy to use accountability app we can work together as a team. Schedule appointments, tracking metrics or simply communicating when you need help. You will never feel alone on this journey. 

Staying Accountable

Always in control. Stay on track. Working together as a team

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Get access to your own online  portal   
During the 12 weeks, you get your own collaboration portal where you can interact and collaborate with me. The portal or mobile app will allow you to:

  • Track your progress with actual data in a graph view
  • Check off actions from your plan
  • Access your course materials and past session notes
  • Message your coach whenever you could use support
  • Book an appointment with a view clicks
  • Access your fitness programs, videos, and assessment forms
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The video calls every week with your coach will be powerful, yes, but we will also be making concrete action plans and keeping score. You will always be able to see that things are moving in the right direction, and I as your coach will be there with practical steps to help if not.
Metrics tracking

Track your progress with actual data

Let's see an example of a client tracking his sleep quality and a graph showing his overall weight loss progress. 
Metrics and graphs are a powerful way to show qualitative and also quantitative progress 

We use outcome-based decision making when it comes to tracking data but at the same time, it's about valuing qualitative progress as well - like improving your sleep quality, freeing up time for yourself, or eating a well-balanced as much as possible. 
Sleep Quality Tracking

Weight Loss Progress

Check out the app in action

What is it going to take?

The program runs for 12 weeks, actually 13 weeks because week 0 is your onboarding week. At a high level the program is structured as follows:

Week 0 - Welcome week
Create a clear focus and clarity We set you up, onboarding questionnaire, and our first coaching call.

Week 1 - Plan, prioritize and prepare
Define your 12-week goal and action plan. Finding your nutrition and fitness baseline. Define the status quo. 

Week 2 - 9 - Nutrition and Fitness Skill Up
Build nutrition skills and habits, Level up your Fitness, Learn about Recovery, and make a switch to a predominantly plant-based diet work for you.

Week 10 - 11 - Self Care and Mindfulness
Learn more about mindful eating, build self-regulating eating behaviors, De-Stressing practices and self-care, apply targeted recovery strategies

Week 12 - Maintain Progress and Deep Health
Define your ongoing Fitness and Health Mission, The importance of your journey and how your new-found Health and Fitness will open up new perspectives in life.

Weekly Coaching Call
Review & Troubleshoot the week just gone with your coach. We set clear actions and goals for the week to come.   Get a clear focus to confidently move forward!

The Online Nutrition Curriculum
The 12 weeks are based on a curriculum to learn new skills. Throughout the week you will receive daily bulletins with education material and daily actions to practice. You will be able to record metrics and we will conduct ongoing assessments to see how you are progressing.
Why this Program? Why Now?

The Program is for you if…

You are ready to be honest with yourself to tackle what really needs to be tackled
You want to look in the mirror and smile at the guy looking back
You want your fitness back with simple but very effective exercises program
You are sick of fad diets and ready to nail nutrition for good
You want weight loss, build a leaner body and feel awesome in your skin again
And you know that all of the above this must change NOW!
Have someone to keep you accountable so that you DO what needs to be done
You want to live a long and vital life
Perhaps you would like to hear what one of my clients thinks about the coaching experience?
You need to understand this...
It's how you FEEL about being the weight you are, 
that's the problem.

Because you know it affects your confidence, self-esteem, and zest of life!

How do I begin

If you are clear that this program is the right thing for you, dive right in:

1. Schedule a video call first to discuss the program again and answer some questions you might have

2. Book your entry for the program and we take it from there

Either way, I am delighted for the opportunity to help you do your best work.

- Andy G from GFitness
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