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My name is Andy. I am a highly driven, committed and passionate Personal Trainer, Certified Lifestyle, Fitness and Nutrition Coach who is specialized in working with young professionals and recreational athletes. I share a passion for a healthy and fit lifestyle and always look beyond fitness, take a holistic approach and I thrive to inspire and motivate people, so they can unlock their own potential.

I am a true believer that health and fitness is your ultimate platform for success, happiness and overall life satisfaction. If you have a great platform of health and fitness, you can do the things you love, whether that’s setting new athletic performance goals, performing as a parent or partner or succeed in your business career. The sky is your limit and you can truly thrive in all areas of your life. 

I have gone through a transformation myself. From an overworked, unfit and unmotivated guy to a high performing endurance athlete who has transformed through fitness and health to a new and better version of myself.

My ultimate goal to help people achieve their goals and dreams. I believe that we all have the power to do so, it’s just a matter of unlocking this potential and power. That’s why I think a coach can be your missing piece of the puzzle. 

“As your coach my mission is to help you explore your own potential and resources that you already have and to guide you towards your goals”

I am not an educator, or someone telling you what to do but I am rather someone who helps you explore your own potential and resources that you already have.

I can help you translate knowledge into action and guide you towards your specific goals. I am interested in you as a person, your life, your circumstances and struggles you are dealing with. You can see myself as a collaboration partner, like that little guy on your shoulder, keeping you on track and accountable and who helps you get back on track when things don’t go well. 

Let me take you on a new and exciting journey!
Trainer, Coach and Motivator

Education, Knowledge and Experience - specialized in working with young professionals and recreatioal athletes is my passion

Endurance, Strength and Health

Health and Fitness is your ultimate platform to success, happiness and overal life satisfaction!

Expertise and Skills

Personal Training

I work with people in person but my expertise is also in online coaching, helping people across the world, so they can work on their own terms but still get the benefit of a Personal Trainer.

Plant-Based Nutrition

I have switched to a 100% plant-based diet over 4 years ago and gained a deep understanding on how to do it right to get the full benefits of a whole foods plant based diet.

Training Plans

I design custom fitness and strength training plans that are highly effective, easy to execute and fun to bring you the results you need. No need for a gym membership.

Nutrition and Lifestyle habits

A passion of helping people with their eating and lifestyle habits is fundamental to support your fitness and athletic goals to truely make profound changes. As a Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified coach, I will help you to get nutritition working for you.

Endurance Sports

As an Ironman Endurance Athlete I have gained valuable knowledge and expertise to help other athletes. I work in particular with runners and triathletes.

Mindset, Motivation and Change

As a motivator, I believe that a strong and winning mindset is the key for change, autonomy and self-determination. I focus on that aspect when working with my clients to keep them accountable and motivated to take action.

European Institute of Fitness

Gained my Personal Trainer and Mindset Master Coach Certificate at the European Institute of Fitness

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

I am a certified Presision Nutrition Level 1 coach, learned and graduated from the best nutrition experts in the field


I am a registered Personal Level 4 Trainer with the European Register of Exercise Professionals

Andy G Endurance

The life as an Endurance Athlete
Learn more about my journey as a high performance Ironman Triathlete

Having a nutrient rich breakfast can make a huge difference to your day. . . In particular for people who are very active and excercise in the morning and afternoon. Having a „poor“ breakfast or skipping breakfast alltogether can have negative impacts such as energy swings, food gravings, poor performance and hormonal impacts. . . I personally prefer natural food over processed food as much as I can. Over the years I have become very sensitive to „low energy food“. That is food that does not provide me with energy and make me feel flat instead. A lot of vegan and vegetarian meals that are processed and hardly digestable fall very often in this category. . . Breakfast is very individual but is usually the same most of the days. Here is a little collection of some of the breakfast bowls that my partner and I prepare pretty much every day. . . . Not just healthy but also very delicious and easy to make. #breakfast #food #athletes #performance #highenergyfood #plantbased #plants #sprouts #nutrition #healthy #eating #cooking #homemade #tasty #fitandhealthy #naturalfoods

Having a nutrie...

I went into my 5th Ironman with good hope and spirit to execute a great race to match my capabilities. In the end the race didn’t turn out well and francly speaking I am very dissapointed with the outcome and my performance. I just wasn‘t willed to dig deep and push through the pain to gain back momentum in the race when things got messy but I rather settled for the easy path to make it to the finish line. I will take some time to analyse and find the reason why things turned out the way they did and will write a more detailed race report to share my thoughts. Now it‘s time to rest, clear the mind and take a break from triathlon and training. #ironman #swimbikerun #racing #swimbikerun #triathlete #imaustria

I went into my ...

It’s race week! Ironman Austria here we go. . . The hard work is done, weeks and months of continious training, with ups and downs, setbacks and breakthroughs. . . . The race itself is only the tip of the iceberg and it should be a celebration of your effort and determination that went into it. . . I am feeling good, body is healthy and I am ready. To everyone racing on the weekend, have a relaxed and smooth race week, take it easy and enjoy the moments that this experience will bring! #triathlon #triathlete #athlete #ironman #racing #raceweek #imaustria #swimbikerun 👌#trilife #endurance #fitness #journey

It’s race week!...

Time Trialing - Snapshot from last weekend‘s race where I set a new PB over the Olympic Distance. Onwards and into the last few weeks of training before @ironman_austria #triathlon #triathlete #ironman #training #racing #swimbikerun #endurance #fitness #athlete #veganathlete #passion #fitlifestyle

Time Trialing -...