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Take control and transform Your Fitness, Health and Performance

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Who is behind GFITNESS

Andy is a fitness trainer, nutritional adviser, a high performance endurance athlete, life motivator, change expert, enabler and most importantly...your FRIEND. 

Those personalities are necessary for me to help you accomplish your fitness goals. 

Fitness, health and performance is my passion, but helping others is my obsession. 

Being able to thrive and succeed in life makes me instantly addicted to help others experience the same joy. 


You look for an efficient and tailored approach to improve your fitness but are too busy finding time for it?
You want to take your performance to the next level without burning yourself out?
Then this might be something for you!

What some of my clients have to say


Let’s make Fitness work for You


Empowering recreational athletes who want to take their athletic performance to the next level to reach their highly ambitious fitness goals and and even go beyond that.


Helping highly driven business professionals who want to succeed in all aspects of work and life and who need to unlock their fitness and health potential to do so.


Health concious athletes who want to improve their eating habits and transition over to a plant-based vegan lifestyle for a better health, performance and environment.

I am here to help!

As a busy professional myself and a high performance athlete I have learned what it takes to combine a busy work life and an athletic lifestyle. I have learned to take control of my health and fitness and that's why I have become a trainer because I want to help other people feel better about themselves. This is the best way I can think of help change lives. 

The way I approach coaching and training is more about's about making a complete physical and emotional transformation that will lead to new opportunities and more happy and healthier years to come. Let me be your guide to your Best Version!


Whether it's preparing for your first Triathlon, finishing your first Ironman or setting a new Personal Record in a marathon, as a trainer and coach I help you reach your performance goals and support you on your personal athletic journey. 

If you are highly driven and motivated and looking for that extra bit of support and guidance to reach your next level, I might be the right person to help you.

As an endurance athlete myself, who has years of experience racing and training at a high level, I have gained a lot of valuable experience that I now use as a coach to help my athletes improve. I work with athletes around the world to help them achieve peak performance and unlock a new potential they thought would never be possible.

"If you don't try the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary"


A customised and dynamic Training plan based on your needs and wants, your skills, your fitness level and the time available to train. The goal is to make sure you arrive fit and fresh to your key events.


A year long strength training plan that is specific to your performance goals and that allows you to incorporate strength training without you going to a gym or spent extra money on a personal trainer.


Regular Performance Assessments to keep track on how your fitness is progressing. We use Heart Rate and Power Zones to make sure you train with the right intensity at the right time. Knowing when to go hard and when to go easy is critical in your success as an athlete.


Weekly self assessments so you are able to provide feedback about your progress to allow me to keep track on how you are doing. I am your concierge and there for you if you struggle or need that extra support and motivation to get going


Feel like food is your friend, not your enemy, and never diet again. Getting off the diet roller coaster once and for all and never looking back. Eat to thrive in a sustainable way that makes you feel great. Support your training with the right nutrition and fuelling.


I will help you with race planning and execution. Making sure you have everything dialled in and be prepared for your race as best as you can


Online Fitness Training

A very cost and time effective way of training that integrates into your lifestyle, so that you get fit faster and maintain the results in the long run.

Stay connected

Access your training plan and tools anywhere and anytime on your phone, making keeping fit easier than ever. Your coach is only a click away.

Learn and grow

Regular education around fitness, performance, nutrition and athletic lifestyle to help you become your own master, develop great habits and learn new skills as you go.

Location and Time Independent

Easier scheduling, train location and time independent whenever and wherever it works for YOU, so that you have what you need to ensure the best results possible.

Goal Orientated
Individualized Training Plans

Weekly training, goal and action plans, progress tracking, regular assessments and performance tests to keep you motivated and on track.

At the pluse of time

Instant access to your training and your workouts. Upload your workouts instantly from your device or log on to Swift or Trainer Road to execute the workout. It keeps you accountable and on track wherever you are.

Accountability and Support

Continious support and accountability 24x7, so that you never feel alone as you work towards transforming your body and/or life for good

Skills and Knowledge

You work with a highly driven, skilled and knowledgeable personal trainer who always puts your needs, goals and wants at his highest priority.

Clear Guidance

I am available when you are stuck or needing some guidance. Communicating via E-Mail, Whats App or via the training app. Easy to follow instructions, delivered to your phone, so you know exactly how to execute them.